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Br. Tegal Tamu - Batu Bulan
Gianyar - Bali - Indonesia
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Jl. Raya Singapadu
(in front of Bali Bird Park)
Gianyar - Bali - Indonesia
Tel. 62-361-298825
Fax. 62-361-299715

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This material is a kind of clay which already been
processed and filtered. The color is dark red brown,
but some of it in the process of 'baking' turn out into
darker color - nearly black.
Available in many size and style.

Cute Creature
There are a lot of primitive and funny looking creature like the one here on the left picture - it is a creature playing 'gamelan' - traditional music instrument.

Roof Cap
This thing on the left is used as the top on the balinese roof. It was created in many kind of shape and ornament too.

Because terracotta
is actually kind of clay, this material is used to made many kind of pot like the picture on the right.

Naga Basuki
This is the dragon from one of the famous balinese story about Bali Strait which seperate the island of Bali and Java.